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Here are a few ways to make contact with Paddy

Fastest is by texting to his cell-phone,
00 353 8713 59689 (please note: TEXT ONLY)

Next best is via E-mail at:

And last but not least by snail-mail to:
Paddy Bullman, 139 North Main St, Youghal, Co Cork, IRELAND

If you have had any work done by Paddy and would like to have it included in the Tattoo
Gallery of Photographs, please send a good quality photograph of your tattoo to the adress
above or via E-mail (Send e-mail as 'attachment' GIF or JPG format, not more than 500K)

These are the conditions Paddy would like to have to guestwork at your studio:

  1. Work for 70% of takings with payment on a daily or weekly basis.

  2. Work by appointment only.
    (i.e. no obligation to remain in studio if there are no appointments made)

  3. Accomodation with access to shower/bathroom. (simple & modest will suffice)

  4. Unhindered use (within reason) of the studios basic equipment such as autoclaves, ultra-sonic cleaners, needle-jigs, soldering equipment, access to hygiene maintainence areas etc,.

  5. Use of the studios needles, tubes & colour.
    (Paddy does have his own machines & a limited stock of needles, tubes & colour)

  6. "Soft Start Period".
    (i.e. no appointments for the first 2 days in the studio, this in order to become 'accustomed' to the studio. Paddy may do work during these first 2 days, but at his own discretion)

  7. Paddy does not do piercings & reserves the right to refuse certain types of work.